Laser Genesis - Face/Body

Global refreshening of the entire face

laser genesis
Laser Genesis, or Genesis Skin Rejuvenation is a non-surgical procedure that can treat patients who experience rosacea or redness, flushing or other similar conditions on your face.

Some people don’t notice the effects of rosacea until the start getting older, it starts to get more prominent, but no matter when you discover that you have the problem, you should know that help is available thanks to laser genesis. Laser Genesis can also help reduce acne scaring.

This Laser Genesis Skin Rejuvenation procedure has had remarkable results in evening out skin texture and tone by facilitating collagen grown that has been limited because of acne scaring.

Laser Genesis can also limit pore size, diminishing oil glands, and limit the production of sebum that facilitates breakouts. Laser Genesis utilizes infrared energy, warming the dermis just beneath your skin and stimulating collagen growth.

Heat in conjunction with light targets pigmented segments under your skin.

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